Introduce our private cooking class.

Chef Angelo Rottoli

Chef Angelo Rottoli

Learn the secrets of Italian Cookery
with Beccofino’s Master-Chef Angelo!

Here’s a great opportunity to learn the “secrets” of Italian cookery from Beccofino Master Chef Angelo! 
Now available “private classes” only for small groups of 5 or more, who want to acquire the finer techniques of preparing
prize-winning Italian cuisine!

Beccofino’s “hands’ on” private classes with Chef Angelo, are “watch and learn”
interactive sessions where you will learn for yourself how to prepare his classical Italian dishes. 
Each appointed class, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, will feature three selected recipes, followed by
Beccofino’s Executive Set Lunch, including a tasting of some fine Italian Producer’s Wines.
Chef Angelo will demonstrate:

• "Cooking light" to keep your palate titillated and your body healthy! 
• How to prepare delicious, appealing, healthy dishes in a few minutes
• The tricks and short cuts great Italian chefs use... 
• How to make delicious Italian recipes out of apparently simple (but excellent) ingredients
• Lots of new exciting sauces, antipasti, pasta, fish, meat and desserts
• Great Italian recipes that take very little time but look and taste great!

For more information and reservations, please contact us.